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Churches, Give Your Singles Space to Mingle

They provide space for singles to meet and mingle without framing singleness as a bad thing. The possibilities for creating single groups with these characteristics are endless. Churches can adjust the type or frequency of events depending on what serves the local congregation best. Scavenger hunts, social dances, game nights, hiking outings, service events… There are many ways to help Christian singles meet, mingle and fellowship when the will and creativity to do so are present.

Interchurch Connections

Another excellent way church leaders in particular can serve their singles is by leveraging their interchurch networks to provide interchurch singles events. Remember that one problem for many Christian singles is exhausting the pool of eligible singles in their home church. This problem can be alleviated by inviting multiple churches to participate in  interchurch singles events. Instead of singles trying to visit new churches on Sundays in hopes of snagging a conversation with another single, singles from many churches in an area can come together to meet and mingle for a sufficient length of time. Church leaders can make this happen by coordinating interchurch events with the leaders of other local churches.

Another benefit of multiple churches participating in singles events is that they might corporately be able to cover the cost of an event that might be too great for any one church to cover individually.

Why not invite a dozen area churches to participate in an annual singles charity gala? Invite singles from each church to volunteer to help put the event together. They’ll be happy to get to know each other while they work together. Charge a modest door fee from attendees and donate it to a good cause. This is just one idea out of countless as to how churches can work together to help their singles mingle and simultaneously serve their communities. Let the brainstorming begin!

Churches, the possible ways you can serve your singles by helping them meet and mingle are endless if you have the will and creativity to do so. Offer your singles the opportunity to find romantic connections without requiring them to do so. In this way, you will do them a priceless service. Give your singles space to mingle.

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