The Power of God

So many of us worship a different God. Oh, it’s still the God of Jacob. The God of Abraham. Yahweh.

Jesus Christ.

But, as my days in salvation go on, I have seen and met so many hopeless Christians. So many people, who are complacent in their faith. Lukewarm. Vacillating.

I have seen so many people who perhaps intellectually know God. They even love God, but they have never once experienced the power of God.

My hearts breaks when I consider this. I feel pangs in my chest when I grasp the fact that so many of my brethren have never, not once, felt His presence, been swept up in His Spirit, had a supernatural experience with the Living God.

Instead they have very different experiences…

I’ve heard believers say that they aren’t quite sure if they have ever actually heard the Lord speak to them.

I’ve heard believers say that they wouldn’t know the presence of the Holy Spirit if He were sitting right next to them.

I’ve heard believers say that the miracles of the Old Testament and New Testament are not meant for today.

But why do they say these things? Why do they believe these things?

Why is the supernatural scary for so many of us?

I know the word “supernatural” holds so many negative connotations within the Christian culture. It conjures up images of charismatic, dancing, tongues-speaking congregations.

And well, I quite like that.

My introduction to the Holy Spirit was not usual, as compared to most Christians. After meeting Jesus at a Christian conference for teens, I began regularly attending a rather charismatic church.

It was not uncommon for people to prophecy in the service. Or for people to approach you after service with a “word of knowledge” for you. Or for people to pray in tongues (in accordance with the instruction given in 1 Corinthians). Or for people to physically feel and sense the presence of the Spirit.

This was my introduction to Christianity and it was thick with the Spirit. I was ever aware and in touch with God’s power. It was not some far off, ancient, inaccessible idea. His power was now. It was everywhere.

And yet now, years later, I have become all too aware of the fact that my experience is not the common experience. My knowledge of the Spirit is the exception and not the rule. Oh, how it must grieve Him. When Jesus Himself said it would be better for Him to leave so that the Helper may come–and yet so many of us ignore, downplay, or disregard the Helper.

It’s as if we are running on low, constantly in search of more energy, more power, to enable us to live this Christian life. And instead of plugging into the Power Source, we run on empty and wonder why we don’t get very far.

To be honest, I’m not even sure where this post is headed, except to say that I believe the Lord wants me to start talking about more of these things–His supernatural being, but what it means to be supernatural everyday. I believe there is an opportunity to invite more of His power to our daily lives. We need only ask.

So, I’m opening it up to all of you. You are some of the most honest, genuine, thoughtful, passionate readers around. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and so I ask you…

What is the supernatural in your life currently? Do you believe in and/or experience the power of God on a regular basis? If not, why not? And go ahead and ask me anything you’d like about this topic. Let’s start discussing…