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An Old Testament Prayer Dads Should Pray Every Day

As a father, this rings so true to me. God has entrusted me, along with all fathers, a great amount. The hearts and souls and education and emotions and everything else—this is what He has given us. And whether you have one child or 10, such a responsibility can be crushing when you consider its magnitude. When you consider what’s at stake. When you consider how deeply you love this small section of humanity.

But oh, the good news of the next verse. That when Solomon owned up to his weakness and asked for help, “it pleased the Lord that Solomon had requested this.”

It gives me great comfort to know that early most every morning when I confess my inadequacies as a dad the Lord is pleased by this. When I ask for help in the middle of a conversation with my children the Lord is pleased by this. When I tell them “good night” and feel the weight all over again the Lord is pleased by this.

And then, how much better the news becomes when we, as fathers, know that we have a father who does not lack. Who actually has wisdom. Who actually has good plans. And who actually has the resources to carry them out. And that because of the gospel, we can call God “Father” and know that He knows how to give better gifts to His children than we do.

Pray, Dads. Know enough to know that you don’t know. Ask the Lord to help you wisely steward that which He has entrusted to you. And believe that His Fatherhood will help you own yours.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.