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What To Do When You Hit a Wall

And by “rest,” I don’t necessarily mean laying in bed, especially when we’re mistaking depression for exhaustion.

When you hit a wall, real rest involves:

  • Slowing down physically and re-energizing in healthy ways.
  • Shifting our mental focus to something that contributes to healing.
  • Patiently waiting for the strength to get back up again.

My former pastor, Rick Warren, says that “people who work with their minds should rest with their hands, and people who work with their hands should rest with their minds.” That’s why he works in his garden so much in his downtime.

If you’re exhausted, depleted, or burned out, take a rest. Take a day. Take a week. Create space for solitude.

If you hit a wall, you’ll never “work” your way out of exhaustion.


This article on what to do when you hit a wall originally appeared here, and is used by permission.