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What You Need to Get Hired for Speaking Opportunities

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Over the years, I’ve had several friends ask me to refer them for speaking opportunities at conferences and events. But when I ask them for information the hosts and conference planners need to make a decision, they almost always come up blank. So, if you’re serious about being a speaker at any level, here’s my recommended list of what you need to make available to anyone who can book you for speaking opportunities:

What You Need to Get Hired for Speaking Opportunities

1) A list of potential topics:

I always keep an updated list of keynote and workshop sessions I’m capable of doing. Some are based on my books, and others are based on my experience. That list includes a great title and a short description of each session. And let me emphasize a great title! If you’re doing a workshop that competes with other sessions, then you need to stand out. Your list of topics and their description should be so well written that the conference planner can just cut and paste it into the program. Make things easy for people who can hire you!

2) Different length bios:

I keep short, medium, and long biographies that will not only give the planner an idea of my background and areas of expertise but also allow them to easily use them in the program or on the event website. You never know how much space the conference website or program will have, so that’s why pre-edited versions make a big difference.

3) Your official title and byline:

Make sure they know who you are! And don’t forget a “byline” – which is essentially a one-sentence description of you.