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How the Master’s Way 21-Day Course Delivers Financial Freedom

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Over 35 years ago as a young married guy, I was a reliable tither but a lousy money manager. I just figured that if I was faithful with my tithe, God would take care of the rest. I was ignorant of the fact that God wants us to be faithful stewards “It is required in Stewards to be found faithful.” (2 Corinthians 4:2) and be an example of to our spouses, children and the world. Fact is, what better measurement tool is there than this character quality regarding how we handle our finances. Then came the teachings of Larry Burkett; I had been listening to his daily radio broadcast and saw how my out-of-order lifestyle had brought much unrest into our marriage. We had a home mortgage, car payment and credit card (that was always maxed out) plus I was always at least 1 month behind in my bills “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.” One day I came home and told my wife “I think we need to get on a budget,” immediately she did an about face, went straight to the bedroom and broke down in tears. Long story short we ordered Larry’s material, I took the lead and dove into the paperwork.(click here for more) We soon began to use the envelope method, (outlined in my book – The Masters Way) filled out the CFC budget Form 1 and soon discovered we were over budget by $500-$800/month!

After a few months using the envelope method and adjusting to this new “control system,” (we all need one to teach us this new Godly habit and to forsake the old) we were then able to look at the bigger picture thinking “what about the home mortgage?” We had retired all other debt including the car, but Larry had said “once you set your mind to that goal, God will bless and you can do it!” We engaged his system (outlined in my book) and in 18 months, yes just 18 – we were out of debt; credit card, car and mortgage! We never looked back, and thought “wow, we saw these miracles happen to us as God blessed our obedience, (and forgave my stubbornness of not listening to my spouse) so what about others?” Can they too receive the miracles and get out of debt also? Well, fact is, we did see them and many others escape their home mortgage payment and with God’s help, do so in 18 months! All we could say when they began was; “if God did it for us, He can do it for you,” and He did!

Master’s Way 21-Day Method

Our Method: by using our new web-based training aid, the Masters 21 Day online course plus The Masters Way companion workbook, we have found these together solve the #1 challenge in achieving success in this arena; that is, reducing or eliminating the feeling of futility and hopelessness often associated with this process. By using our 21 lesson biblically based teaching plan systematically moves the student toward Financial Freedom one lesson at a time, employing a multi-disciplinary teaching approach utilizing powerful imaging, video explanation and most importantly Scripture. Add an advanced online quiz format, reinforced with positive real-life examples dramatically accelerates this process. We have seen amazing results using the 21 lesson period concept, allowing the student time to assimilate these foundational elements and in many instances, see changes in just a few weeks!

Multiplication to the Church – We at Two Masters seek to multiply our teaching system into church leadership and pastors. This goal in mind, we are offering a free coupon code for your leaders to take the online course at no CHARGE in hopes you also will experience such to; “demolish strongholds” relating to this vitally important issue that often burdens the church, its marriages and our youth in these days.

This teaching can and will transform the people and your church, we are absolutely confident of this fact. That said, such a radical transformation is never free nor easy. The endeavor to begin and sustain a Stewardship Ministry in the church takes commitment, prayer, resources and patience. Like any good cause, in the end you and your people reap the full benefits and a transformation will take place surely to affect many lives in a lasting and positive way.

Here’s a summary of what you and your church can expect using the Two Masters System:

1) End poor spending habits and replace them with new Biblically based ones, making every spending decision a Spiritual Decision

2) Embrace the wisdom relating to finances and possessions as taught in God’s Word – that’s where the real power is found on this topic

3) Complete the written worksheets with their spouse or other counsel and submit to one another. Engage your people to communicate openly on this topic

4) Start by giving – for giving breaks the power of money and releases God’s blessing toward you! (Malachi 3)

5) Expect a miracle that encourages you as you seek His Way of handling finances and receive the Peace that comes through knowing God sees you and has plans to give you a Hope and a Future! (Jeremiah 29:11)

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