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5 Life-Changing Secrets of Kingdom Living

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There’s something in us that loves a good mystery, that revels in paradox. Perhaps it’s because we’re made in God’s image, and he loves it, too. I’m not sure why it’s so. But it’s everywhere in Scripture, beginning with the Old Testament that tells us what we can’t do followed by the New Testament that dispenses with rules and introduces us to grace. When I was younger and bored by sermons during church, I’d meditate on the paradoxes of the faith. While the preacher was droning on, I would write an essay about a particular paradox. On the outside, it looked like I was just taking good sermon notes. But what I was really doing was exploring secrets of kingdom living. I have a group of guys that I disciple on Tuesdays. It’s the sort of thing we love to talk about. In fact, here are five conversations we might one day have about God’s secrets:

5 Life-Changing Secrets of Kingdom Living

1. You were made to be dangerous and fight against comfort.

Everything in us wants to be comfortable, but there is nothing comfortable about faith. We were made to fight evil, to be a threat to the forces of injustice in the world. We have access to the power of God as we put comfort at risk. There is a verse where God declares, “You are my battleaxe.” It’s poetic because it’s true – we are dangerous weapons in God’s hands.

2. You have to leave on a journey to find your true self.

People with the best of intentions can keep friends and family members from discovering the deeper aspects of their identity in kingdom living. One reason “no prophet is welcome in his hometown” (Luke 4:24) is that they have to leave to discover their gift. Harsh tests may await you out on your journey, but beyond them is an understanding of who God made you to be.