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How to Overcome Election Fatigue

When the Church is co-opted by a political party or a political agenda, she loses her salt.

God’s kingdom people shouldn’t fit neatly into the categories of Democrat or Republican because, when we do, you can be sure we have lost our prophetic edge, our ability to proclaim uncompromised truth.

The Church should be a source of “prophetic imagination” as Walter Brueggemann has written about—a “third way,” the voice and conduit for proclaiming and bringing God’s unseen realm into full view. God has something in mind for America, and it isn’t going to fit inside any one party’s platform.

The truly good kind of life, the kind Jesus came to bring, can only be obtained by making him the king of one’s life.

Washington cannot offer this kind of goodness, this kind of freedom.

In fact, the most brilliant political minds through the ages have never conceived of the sort of freedom the Lord Jesus has put on display and made available.

You’ve gotta lose your life to really find it—that’s a promise only Jesus is making, and you won’t find it in any Constitution.