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6 Secrets of TURNAROUND Churches

After a few months of these classes, many of the pastors began to notice an attitudinal change toward the positive among the members.

4. They began a major community ministry.

Some of the churches “adopted” local schools. Some of the leaders made appointments with key civic leaders to find out how their churches could best help the community.

In all cases, church members got out of the comfort of the church buildings and went into the community to serve others.

5. They began to pray for the lost and unchurched by name.

For many of the churches, this type of praying was a first.

Most of them attested that it seemed awkward at first, but it later became a part of their Great Commission culture.

6. The leaders began to focus less on negative people and circumstances and more on God’s possibilities.

The leaders became, in God’s power, people of faith instead of people of fear. This spirit of faith became pervasive in the churches.

Many of the churches saw a negative and unbelieving church culture become a positive and faith-believing culture.

Nine out of 10 churches in America are either declining or growing more slowly than the communities in which they are located. In other words, most churches are losing ground in their communities.

But, in the midst of all the bad news about churches, we do see more and more beacons of light. I was delighted and encouraged to hear these stories of turnaround churches and what they are doing. I plan to report on other churches in the future.

So what do you think of these turnaround factors?

Have you seen them at work in other churches?

Do you have any similar stories from your church? What is God using most effectively in your church to reach people with the love and the power of the gospel

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