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7 Deadly Statements of Church Members

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Words have meaning. And if a church member or church members start articulating words consistently, those words begin to reflect the priorities and passions of the church.

What a Church Member Should Not Say

I wrote a little book (I Will) on statements church members make that can move a church toward Great Commission and Great Commandment greatness. But there are some sentences that can prove harmful, even deadly, to a congregation. Here are seven of the most deadly statements:

1. “I like our church just the way it is.”

When you begin to hear this statement expressed among church members, you can be certain there is no Great Commission heartbeat. We should never want our church to stay just like it is; we should be constantly seeking to reach new people with the gospel.

2. “My pastor doesn’t visit me enough.”

There are so many things wrong with this statement. First, it reflects a ministry where there is expectation that the pastor is to do most of the ministry, instead of equipping others to do the work of ministry. Second, it reflects a dependence and self-centered ministry on the part of church members.

3. “I always vote ‘no’ just to keep the leadership in check.”

This person is the disrupter I described in an earlier post. He or she really wants the focus on self. Attention seeking and self-focus are characteristics of this person. They are toxic to churches.