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8 Surprising Insights From a Former Pastor

3. It’s easy for the average church member to skip church on a Sunday.

On Sundays when I’m not speaking or have no responsibilities, the temptation to just sleep in, go out for breakfast and take the day off looms large. I now understand how the average person who has worked hard six days of the week would simply choose to stay home and rest.

4. Churches must plan and deliver a compelling, Spirit-filled worship service and sermon each Sunday.

I’ve known this intellectually, but now since I’m on the receiving end, I see even more its importance. If someone takes three hours out of their day of rest to attend church, they better feel that it was worth their time.

5. Familiarity blindness has afflicted many church leaders.

Familiarity blindness is when we become impervious to stuff we do in the church that can hinder someone’s walk with Christ or hinder a visitor’s receptivity to the Gospel.

For example, you may know how to get around the church facility, but with poor signage, a new person may get lost. That small issue to us may cause that person to not return.

6. It’s tough finding community in a new church.

In every church we’ve led, we’ve encouraged the regular folks to reach out to new people. It’s often like pulling eye teeth, though.

In every church we’ve attended, the familiar folks almost always talk to those they already know. However, when someone who doesn’t know me makes an extra effort to make me feel comfortable and help me meet others, it leaves a great impression.

Also, if you don’t have an easy system where new people can join a group or class, you’re turning people away without even knowing it.

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