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Hidden, Dangerous, Contagious: 10 Church Diseases You Should Know

8. “Unrecoverable Void” Syndrome.  

Church leaders and laypersons alike suffer from this syndrome, characterized by statements like, “This church will close its doors after I’m gone.”

Symptoms include spiritual arrogance and self-righteous anger, though they may also include hyperspiritual speech (“This is God’s church, and we’ll see what He does when I shake the dust off my feet”).

Church members with UVS fail to realize that God’s church will go on without any of us.

9. Talking in Your Sleep Disease.

You may recognize this church. They go through the motions, but the motions lack energy. They meet for worship, yet the singing is lifeless. Even the preaching is lackluster, as if the speaker is monotonously only meeting his obligation.

Here is one way to recognize the church with TIYSD: Many of the attenders really ARE sleeping!

10. Congregational Myopia.

The congregation with this condition is nearsighted, focusing on themselves only. They have no vision for the future, and they fail to see that their current direction will likely lead to further disease and decline.

Ask the leaders what their hope is for the church five years from now, and their description will sound strangely like the church in its current state.

What other diseases come to mind for you?

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