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Perry Noble: Unleash Your Church

I once knew a guy who cut off his finger while using a log splitter. He told me that when he realized what he had done, he screamed three times, picked up his finger and ran to his truck to drive to the hospital.

When he arrived (it took him 15 minutes or so), he ran in and told the lady behind the counter in the emergency room that he needed to see a doctor. She never looked up, never made eye contact with him, but simply put a form up on the desk and asked him to fill it out.

He then put his finger on the counter in front of her while asking, “How am I supposed to write?”

She freaked out and, needless to say, he was able to see a doctor right away.

Unfortunately, this story reminds me of how so many churches of all sizes tend to operate in our country today.

People walk in every week with intense pain in a particular area of their lives. They may have had to go through a pretty tough series of events to just be able to walk in the doors of our supposed “sanctuary.” They are asking for help and are desperate for a solution.

And so often, we don’t even see them or make eye contact with them, but rather expect them to “fall in line” and become a part of the process that we’ve established while ignoring their pain altogether.

The Change We Need

It doesn’t have to be this way. It could (and should) change this coming Sunday.

What if we stopped answering the questions that no one is asking anyway (when was the last time a normal person asked you to break down the T-U-L-I-P, the peccability or impeccability of Christ, or paedobaptism?) and dealt with the issues that people deal with each and every week, and then used those very subjects to lead them to Jesus?

It could unleash our people!

It could unleash our churches!

And it would actually reflect Jesus Christ more. Jesus always met people where they were and then brought them to where they needed to be!

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Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. The church averages 26,000 people during weekend services at multiple campuses throughout the state. You can read all of Perry’s unfiltered thoughts about life and leadership at PerryNoble.com. Don’t worry, he holds nothing back.