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Why My Church Doesn’t Share Prayer Requests

Very often, we watch as God opens up the quiet, untouched, often dark places of a person’s soul.

Very often, God’s agenda is different from our own.

Very often, Jesus has something else to say altogether.

So that is what we begin to pray—the words the Spirit is speaking because He knows us, really knows us. He knows what we truly need prayer for, the root of a thing, the origin of pain or hurt or loss or need.

He intercedes with groanings too deep for words. He doesn’t need our prayer request because, at the end of the day, God is concerned with more than our physical needs.

Jesus desires to heal the whole man.

When we look at the Gospels, we see our Lord meeting needs in very practical ways with food, physical healing and the like, but that was never the only thing He offered. A drink of water drawn from a well, while momentarily satisfying, is vaporous compared to the Living Water that quenches our soul.

Jesus heals the whole man.

He meets our physical needs in order that He might save our souls, heal our spirits, bind our hurts, free us from ourselves.

And time and time again, this is what I have seen in my church family—that as we step back and allow the Holy Spirit room to move and quietness to speak, He never intends to only meet an earthly need. He always intends to do more. He heals the whole man because He loves the whole man.

Prayer requests not required.

Thoughts? Reactions? Do you pray like this?

If not, what does prayer often look like in your church or home?