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If Your Kids Say This Phrase, They’re More Entitled Kids Than You Realize

We stop looking at our own lives and saying, “It’s not fair,” and we start looking at others, who are suffering under the weight of the Fall, and we devote our lives to getting involved in alleviating injustice around us. When we give up our own entitlement for the sake of others, we become a small window into the Kingdom to come, where Christ will fully restore all things.

Third, resisting an ungrateful and entitled heart early on helps us avoid unnecessary disappointment and sorrow later in life.

This is not to dismiss genuine, real suffering and pain endured by so many people. However, there is much in the way of trial and hardship that is brought on simply by unrealistic expectations of what God is supposed to give us in this life.

The entitlement mentality is never happy, always looking for what is mine. This is a fruitless, miserable pursuit.

But a gospel-centered gratitude that recognizes God as Father and giver of good gifts helps us enjoy the blessings we already have, to revel in the grace we possess rather than wishing for things we think we are owed. In a sense, it’s the reverse prosperity gospel.

In summary: Don’t let your children act like entitled kids by saying the phrase “It’s not fair” about their own situation. It’s the phrase that pays in misery and alienation from God.