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8 Idols Church Leaders Still Worship Today

There is no magic to size. Focus on getting healthy, and size will take care of itself.

Or to switch metaphors, pull some weeds, till the soil, plant some seeds and trust God to grow things at the pace and to the size he wants.

4. Stats

I love stats too much.

I watch attendance, baptisms, givings, group participation and volunteer rates like a hawk and then am disappointed if they don’t meet my exaggerated expectations.

I watch my blog and podcast stats too much, and—if I’m not careful—I’ll even allow them to dictate my emotions.

Before you gloat a little, ignoring stats can be another idol.

Being the slacker-who-doesn’t-care/I’m-too-hip-for-that leader can close you off to God as readily as being the leader who rises and falls with the numbers.

Stats tell you things. But they don’t measure your worth. Or God’s faithfulness.

Watch them. But don’t believe they’re a barometer on how awesome (or awful) you might be.

5. Alliances

I wish I had a better title for this, but ‘alliances’ simply refers to the group we do ministry with.

In some cases, it’s your denomination or a church planting group. Or in my case, as a North Point Strategic Partner, it’s North Point Church.

Alliances are often strategic and helpful. They have been for me.

But they are not your savior.

It’s tempting to think, “If we join X group, our church would take off.”