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10 Random Things to Know About Pastors—or at Least This One

I’ve learned pastors are often misunderstood. Especially by people who haven’t known a pastor personally, but we can really be misunderstood by many people. It’s surely a unique vocation. I can’t speak for all pastors. And certainly—maybe since I was in secular work longer than I’ve been a pastor—I’m not typical.

But I suspect I’m not completely abnormal either.

Here are 10 random things to know about pastors.

These are true for me, but I suspect they may be for your pastor too.

The temptations you face—I face. I’m not immune to temptation. I’m human. You shouldn’t be surprised when I make mistakes. I need lots of grace. I should be held accountable, but ultimately I’m accountable to God—just as you are.

The larger the church gets—the less I know about anything. But this can be true of any church size where other people are empowered to lead. Ask me anything. I may or may not have an answer. Sometimes, however, you save both of us time if you email the staff or volunteer leader more likely to know—but I can always forward an email.

The better the message—the longer it takes me to prepare it. There are rare exceptions to this for me. If I am going to have a descent message I will have to take time away from other responsibilities to prepare. This could mean I’m not everywhere you hoped I would be.

Even though I’m teaching it—I may not yet have mastered it. Hopefully I’m working on it, but I teach the whole counsel of God—the Bible—and I’m still a work in progress in many areas of it.

I get nervous every time I start to preach—sometimes sick to my stomach nervous. If you didn’t notice—well, glad I’m getting better at covering. But you do me a tremendous blessing if you whisper a prayer as I step up to preach.