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Some People Skip Bible Verses

8. Actually read your Bible more than you read all the people who talk about the Bible.

Charles Spurgeon said, “Visit many good books, but live in the Scriptures.”

Familiarity with everyone’s opinions about the Bible rather than actually reading the Bible for itself has often been a problem for seminary students who struggle with their faith. Too much head knowledge, and too little heart transformation.

9. You might need to shut out other voices for awhile.

In the 1950s, my wife’s Grandpa Denyes was in the early stages of his ministry and was prompted by the Lord to read only the Scriptures for seven years.

He later learned that doctors are trained to listen to only a good heartbeat for the beginning of their studies. In this way, they immediately recognize a bad heartbeat when they hear it. In the same way, the more time we spend in the Scriptures, the more clearly we recognize what’s truly from God (John 10:27).

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