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10 Discipleship Questions for the Coming New Year

6. What will be my giving and saving goals for 2023?

I tend to spend spontaneously, so I need clear commitments for the next year. Establishing both giving and saving goals forces me to consider how selfish I can be.

7. When will I fast regularly next year?

Obviously, I believe Christ expects His followers to fast. For that reason, I want to start the year with a plan for obedience.

8. What mission trip(s) will I take in 2023?

I don’t always know exact opportunities and locations at this point, but I can still commit to taking a certain number of trips. My goal is to be on the field at least twice each year.

9. What books will I finally read next year?

They’ve been on the stack for too long. Now’s the time to get them on the schedule.

10. Am I committed to follow God in 2023 — regardless of the sacrifice or cost?

It’s easy to answer this question as long as the price I pay is minimal. I reconsider the question each year, though, because only God knows what the next year will bring.

What discipleship questions would you add to this list?