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How the Church Can Experience Revival Today

If it’s loud and exciting, it must be manufactured, right? If it’s large and growing, it must be because of an abandonment of biblical preaching for something more watered down, right?

People, We. Are. Missing. Out!

It isn’t just Saddleback and Willow Creek and ARC. It isn’t just megachurches and church planting networks.

Across America are hundreds of churches that are vibrant and growing, life-giving, grace-saturated, truth-teaching and Spirit-filled. But their services are uncomfortable for so many of us who are still hanging out at the old log meeting house waiting for God to do an old thing in an old way.

I refuse to be so attached the way things used to be culturally that I miss out on what God is currently doing spiritually.

And I hope that you refuse that way of thinking as well.

How to Experience Revival Now

If you’re a follower of Jesus, you likely crave a nation-sweeping, culture-changing revival like I do. And it’s not only possible, it’s happening all around us!

God’s Spirit is moving. He’s showing up and pouring out his power on his people.

How do we get in on what God is doing? Here are my suggestions. And as I’m sure you’ll notice, they’re not anything new.

  1. Let go of our preconceived parameters for what is an acceptable movement of God.
  2. Pray with an open heart, asking God to point out our sin and our shame.
  3. Repent, confessing our sins to God and asking forgiveness in Jesus’ name.
  4. Fast, as a declaration of a “drop your fork” moment to recognize the God who can revive.
  5. Seek him. Not just an experience of him, but him. This is worship.
  6. Watch for God to show up and work. It is, after all, his desire to save as many as will hear.
  7. Practice discernment and guard against emotional but spiritually empty counterfeit revival.
  8. Embrace churches and movements that don’t look like yours, celebrating your differences.
  9. Love the lost, the least and the last, and adopt a Jesus-style ministry to the broken.
  10. Grow broader, deeper, closer and stronger even as we grow larger.

God is absolutely doing an amazing work in the earth. He is empowering his people by his Spirit to share the gospel with this generation in sometimes surprisingly innovative ways.

Don’t fight it or become consumed with the kind of pride that leads to nothing but criticism of everything God is doing.

Let’s seek real revival together, now, shall we?

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Brandon Cox is Lead Pastor of Grace Hills Church, a new church plant in northwest Arkansas. He also serves as Editor and Community Facilitator for Pastors.com and Rick Warren's Pastor's Toolbox and was formerly a Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. In his spare time, he offers consultation to church leaders about communication, branding, and social media. He and his wife, Angie, live with their two awesome kids in Bentonville, Arkansas.