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5 Unfair Criticisms People Levy at Strategic Church Leaders

Or it means “let’s defer that…forever.”

Or, even worse, ‘just pray about it’ suggests that if you actually prayed about it, you would realize like all the spiritual people do that God would not approve.

Really? Just because something sounds spiritual doesn’t mean it’s from God. In fact, sometimes that’s the best way to shut down the mission of the church: make it sound spiritual, and then kill all forward momentum.

Should you pray about your decision? Absolutely.

But when you pray, remember that prayer and thought are not mutually incompatible.

In fact, they should go hand in hand. The best prayers bring your heart and your mind before God. They bring all of you and everything you’re dealing with before Christ.

So…by all means, pray about it. Pray about it deeply. Bring all of your plans before God.

But then act.

Don’t let people who say ‘just pray about it’ kill the mission of the very church God created.

I realize this post probably pushes the buttons of a lot of people in the church. I get that.

I’m just trying to move the needle on the church’s mission by pushing past some of the arguments that—as noble as they sound—aren’t actually helping anyone.

What are some objections to strategic thinking that you’ve heard?