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Pastor: Do You Need to Confess the Sin of Platforming?


This is my confession. I’ve dabbled and stumbled into the sin of self-importance, ego, vain glory and tooting my own rusty horn – the sin of platforming. I’ve wished for a platform—not a soapbox on my corner of the web. Who doesn’t want to be noticed? Who doesn’t want their peers to think you’re a go-to kinda person, a savant who’s able to smash words and ideas together—tastefully—like a veteran Marble Slab manager?

“Let us make a name for ourselves” (Genesis 11:4).

So, who? Well, off the top of my head: John the Baptist. He’s such a rascal isn’t he? He really gets under the skin, irritating what our flesh wants. We must decrease. Christ must increase.

The Sin of Platforming


Babel and the Baptist are at odds. Let’s make a name for ourselves. Let’s not. Let’s increase our following. Let’s decrease, dwindle to peanuts and baton everything toward Christ. How can we increase our social media buzz? How can people see more of Christ by what I do?

There’s a fuzzy tension here. It’s possible to want to help others think biblically, to look to Christ, to learn God’s word, and also “market” or strategize or share online. Martin Luther and George Whitefield utilized the technology of their day to spread the gospel and God blessed their ingenuity. It is possible.