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3 Reasons Leaders Must Seek Accountability

3 Reasons Leaders Must Seek Accountability

Leaders can be tempted to isolate themselves, to pull themselves away from the burden of leadership and from people who can be the source of pain, disappointment and criticism. But the moments we are tempted to run from accountability are the moments we must run toward it. The moments we feel we do not need encouragement and accountability are the moments we most need it. Here are three reasons leaders must seek accountability:

1. Your heart

We need accountability because the heart is prone to wander. Our hearts don’t drift toward great sensitivity to the Lord and awe for Him. They drift away from Him. And whenever we lose our wonder for Him, we wander from Him. Encouragement and accountability are what keep our hearts from being hardened by sin’s deceit (Hebrews 3:13). A leader whose heart has wandered from the Lord is a leader who leads with the wrong motives and with the wrong means of intimidation and domination.

2. Your head

We need accountability because we make poor decisions when we make decisions alone. We need wise men and women around us because isolated leaders are poor leaders whose plans will fail (Proverbs 15:22).

3. Your hands

A leader is responsible not only for the direction but also for the execution. If a leader attempts to lead alone, the leader’s impact and the impact of the ministry/organization will be greatly inhibited. Leaders need people around them to help not only with the leader’s heart and head but also with the leader’s hands—with getting things done.

Without accountability, your heart will drift, your head will not be filled with the wisdom it needs to lead effectively, and your hands won’t accomplish all they could accomplish because you are attempting to lead alone.

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