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Pastors, Trust in the Providence of God

Pastors, Trust In The Providence of God

Pastor, are you trusting in the providence of God in your life and ministry? Providence is God’s guidance and protection in our lives and ministries.

Pastors teach about God’s providence to His people regularly. With a deep belief and conviction, we counsel people about God’s guidance and protection through life. Yet, when it comes to our own lives and ministries, do we believe it with the same level of conviction and operate our lives and ministries accordingly? God will guide and protect you in your life and ministry.

I Have Struggled With God’s Providence. Have You?

There have been many times I have struggled with understanding God’s work in my own life and ministry. I have even wondered why certain doors have closed when I thought they would be open.

Conversely, I have often been overwhelmed with God’s gracious blessing, opening doors for me that I know I do not deserve. God always knows what is best for me. Therefore, He protects me from things I may think are best, but in reality, God knows they are not best for me. Thank you, Lord, for loving me and protecting me.

Are You Trusting in God’s Sovereign Will?

God also desires to work through us. People, places, provisions and experiences are all under His guidance and care. When He desires to intersect them into your life, you will see His sovereign will fulfilled.

By faith we trust in God’s sovereign will. We join Him in all He is doing. As He invites us to join Him, trust Him. He is worthy to be trusted.

How Do We Trust in the Providence of God in Ministry?

1. Trust in God’s providence even when things are not going well.

There is nothing easy about ministry. It is not an easy calling in life. Most pastors I know are continually under scrutiny. Pastors are weary from constant criticism and cutting cynicism. Many pastors have questions about their future, and at times sense their ministry is in jeopardy. They are hoping and praying for revival in the church or deliverance from the church.

Pastor, God has not forgotten you. He is with you. He wants to teach you.

I will never forget one of the most challenging times I ever faced in ministry. Through that experience, God showed me that He had me in that particular place in life to teach me. God had me there for me more than for the church! This overwhelmed me with conviction from the Spirit of God. I learned through that experience, and many times since, that He guides, protects and provides even when things are not going well. Trust in God’s sovereign will for your life and ministry.

2. Trust in His providence even when you may not want to.

So many times in life, we want to take our life and ministry in our own hands. We want to manipulate the circumstances or spin our own reality. If we want to be honest with one another, there are times when we struggle with anger about what we are experiencing and even with where we may be serving. In the ministry, jealousy can even override our judgment because others are receiving recognition that we believe we are more worthy to receive.

Yet, we must trust in God’s sovereign will. At times, trusting Him and His will may be far more difficult than trying to take matters into our own hands. Trusting God in ministry involves surrendering our entire life and future to Him. We have to take our hands off of our future, leaving it all in His hands. Pastor, trust in God’s sovereign will for your life.

3. Trust in His providence for your future.

Trust in God’s providence for your future in life and ministry. He knows what is best for you even when you do not. He is more involved with you personally than you even realize. He is moving in the world of today in order to prepare you for the world of tomorrow.

I believe God has big plans for your life and future. You may not see it right now, but He is preparing you. He sees the end from the beginning. At the right time, He will raise you up and entrust you with your future.

Trust God’s providential guidance and care for your life and ministry.

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