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Charles Spurgeon: 19 of the Best Articles on His Wisdom

11. 13 Spurgeon Quotes for Surviving Guilt: “It is the church that is unmerciful sometimes, but not the Master: He is ever willing to receive us when we come to him.”

12. 11 Reasons Spurgeon Was Depressed: “The troubled man experiences a good deal, not because he is a Christian, but because he is a man, a sickly man, a man inclined to melancholy.”

13. How Spurgeon Scheduled His Week: “I wish it could be said of us that we wasted neither an hour of our time, nor an hour of other people’s time.”

14. Spurgeon Almost Quit: “I have gone to the very bottoms of the mountains, as some of you know, in a night that never can be erased from my memory … but, as far as my witness goes, I can say that the Lord is able to save unto the uttermost and in the last extremity, and he has been a good God to me.”

15.Spurgeon on God’s Power in Our Lives: “It is not, ‘Canst thou work, O God?’ but it is, ‘Canst thou believe, O Christian?’ Thou hast a mighty arm, O God, but that arm is thy people’s arm; for it is written,  ‘he is their arm every morning, and their salvation every night.’ Come then with confidence, ye who have made a covenant with him by sacrifice, for this God is our God for ever and ever, and he will help us. yea, he will help us, and all the ends of the earth shall fear him.”

16. “Till He Comes,” by Spurgeon: “The process of destroying follies is more hopefully performed at Jesus’ feet than anywhere else. Oh, that the Lord would come again to us as at the first, and like a consuming fire discover and destroy the dross which now alloys our gold!”

17. We Shall See God: Spurgeon’s Devotional Thoughts on Heaven: “Oh, the intensity of the divine love of the Father to the Son! There was no world, no sun, no moon, no stars, no universe, but God alone. And the whole of God’s omnipotence flowed forth in a stream of love to the Son, while the son’s whole being remained eternally one with the  Father by a mysterious essential union.”

18. What is the Criteria for Pastoral Calling? (Spurgeon’s Answer):  “The will of the Lord concerning pastors is made known through the prayerful judgement of His church.  It is needful as a proof of your vocation that your preaching should be acceptable to the people of God.”

19. Spurgeon on the Inexhaustibility of Jesus: “Brethren, there is an abiding fullness of truth in Christ; after you have heard it for fifty years, you see more of its fullness than you did at first.”