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50 Reasons We Appreciate Our Pastors

“. . . walked our family through the most difficult season of our lives. He is a man who loves God’s Word and always seeks to handle it soundly.”

—Rachel, Crestview, FL

“. . . has gracefully transitioned from an eight-year-long ministry at one church to start again, by God’s clear call, at another. By God’s grace, I see him shepherding this new flock while adjusting to a new city and surrounding. He is a kind-hearted, bold yet gentle leader with a great passion for the Lord.”

—Suzanne, Sparta, TN

“. . . likes to think outside the box, yet always within the bounds of historic orthodoxy.”

—John, Iowa City, IA

“. . . has exhibited great leadership and exemplary faith. He used to be a Muslim but eight years ago he had an encounter with the Lord which radically changed his life. Now, he is serving the Lord in full-time ministry. He is passionate about discipleship, especially in raising up the next generation of leaders who will fearlessly reach out to the lost.”

—Clairce, Tagaytay City, Phillipines

“. . . is faithful to the inerrancy of Scripture. He preaches truth without compromise and is a powerful shepherd who cares deeply about the discipleship of our body.”

—Lauren, Frankfort, IL

“. . . tirelessly prays for the congregants, continually visits the elderly and reaches out to the unchurched. He often answers the requests of non-church members in the community to visit their loved ones who are in need, and he does all this while being committed in love and deed to his wife and three young girls.”

—Whitney, Eufala, AL

“. . . sets an incredible example of being passionate about sharing the gospel with everyone he meets.”

—Holly, Spring Hope, NC

“. . . displays great love for Jesus and others not only at church and in the community, but in our home as well. He is a true man of integrity.”

—Kaitlin, Beach Lake, PA

“. . . is genuinely kind, welcoming, refreshingly humble and transparent, and is always looking to link arms with every person that comes his way, that we might walk and grow together as one family.”

—Merri, Jasper, GA

“. . . preaches, teaches, and ministers with courage, clarity, humility, strength, gentleness, insight and humor.”

—Sunup, Irvine, CA

Content taken from crossway.org. Used with permission.

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