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Francis Chan Calls Every Church to Repentance in This Exclusive Interview

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How much does your church love God?

Francis Chan says there are two things that God requires of every church—and almost every church is missing it. If every church could do just these two things, revival would break out in America.

Letters to the Church, the latest book by Francis Chan, is a continuation of what he has been saying to the church for years now: Repent and return for revival! Letters to the Church releases September 1, 2018, and is published by David C. Cook.

In a recent ChurchLeaders podcast, Chan reiterated what he’s been saying to the church for years. While it’s not a new message, it is the prophetic role that the church needs from Chan.

How Much Do We Love God?

Podcast host Jason Daye asked Francis Chan what the church needs to hear and do most.

“We are not asking the question: What would please God most?” Chan answered. “Based on everything we read in Scripture, what would please Him most? We’re scared of questions like that because what would please Him most has a huge cost to it.”

Several years ago, Francis Chan paid a deep price and gained notoriety in a Christian culture that feeds the fame machine for noted pastors. Chan traded in his thriving megachurch for the house church model he calls We Are Church. And Chan explained this radical departure during a talk at Facebook’s headquarters on June 22, 2017.

Francis Chan says there are only two things that matter.

There are two key things that Chan says the church must do…and they line up perfectly with what Jesus said are the greatest commandments.

“The best I can understand God wants believers to cause other believers to love Him more,” Chan tells Daye. “I am NOT hearing a lot of people talk about how much they love Jesus and how much they love being with Him.”

That’s the first thing: Love God with ALL of your being!