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25 Best Christmas Nativity Crafts for Kids in Your Children’s Ministry


With so much to do this time of year, we know that you’re looking for easy Nativity crafts that also have a wow factor! And…we know that you want to keep Jesus at the center of Christmas. That’s why we found nativity crafts–and not just any craft.

Here are 25 of the best nativity crafts we found for you on Pinterest and the internet. Enjoy!

Best Christmas Nativity Crafts for Kids in Your Children’s Ministry

  1. Here’s a great step-by-step craft stick Nativity Christmas craft for kids to create.

nativity crafts

2.This Modern Clay Nativity will be treasured for years to come. Check out this homemade clay recipe at churchleaders.com.

modern clay nativity craft

3. These DIY Nativity Story Stones are a great way for young children to develop storytelling language and understand all the parts of the nativity.

Story Stones Nativity Craft


4. Kids will love playing with this Finger Puppet Nativity set. Check out the free printable to make an entire set.

wise men nativity finger puppets nativity crafts

5. Who doesn’t love making a Fingerprint Nativity Craft!?

fingerprint nativity craft

5. Use this gorgeous printable so kids can get “hands on” with the Nativity scene.

paper nativity craft


6. It couldn’t get any easier than this printable Nativity Cone set.

printable cone nativity craft

7. This may be the lowest cost Nativity craft and kids will love that it stands on its own. Thanks to Danielle’s Place for this great idea!

paper plate nativity craft

8. Here’s another great paper plate Nativity craft that we love.

paper plate jesus nativity craft

9. Older kids will enjoy making this beautiful Nativity ornament.

nativity craft ornament

10. This Stained Glass craft is the perfect backdrop for this nativity scene.

stained glass nativity craft

15 more to go! Read on…

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