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5 Signs You’re a Lone Ranger Leader (and Can’t Grow a Team)

5. You’re Always Overwhelmed

The final reason you’ll want to stay a Lone Ranger leader is that you’re so overwhelmed you feel like you can’t change anything. In fact, you can barely finish reading this blog post.

Solo leaders always feel overwhelmed because the mission is always bigger than they are.

Guess what? That will never go away unless you change.

The best way to deal with it is to start giving leadership away now anyway.

You will become overwhelmed because you’re trying to do it all yourself. That will never end though, and your mission will never grow or move forward.

Or you can be overwhelmed for a while because you’re opening up leadership to others. That’s an entirely different kind of overwhelming, and one that eventually goes away as leaders find their sweet spot and the mission grows.

So choose your overwhelm. The permanent kind stays because you’ll never delegate anything.

Or, dive into the overwhelm of deciding to grow a team and eventually find relief.

It’s your call.

Some Practical Help

Spotting, recruiting and developing leaders is a major reason so many churches never grow into their mission.

That’s why in my Breaking 200 online, on-demand, course, I spend two full units walking senior leaders and their teams through the practical steps they need to take to spot leaders in their church (yes they’re there…I promise you), recruit them and develop them so the mission doesn’t remain a one man or one woman show.

You can learn more and get instant access to Breaking 200 Without Breaking You here.

The course is designed for personal and team study so you can break the growth barriers that hold back way too many churches.

What Do You See?

What do you see as signs that you’re a solo leader?

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