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Declining Attendance and 7 Preaching Shifts That Are Happening Right Now

6. The Intellect Alone Isn’t Enough

When it comes to the style of preaching that’s going to really reach out culture, I’m not sure the intellectual approach is going to fully win the day.

For sure, you need substance, research and a deeper level of thinking than you had before. And if you’re able to carry a discussion far and deep, that’s a great thing.

But speaking to the head alone rarely reaches the heart. So don’t just speak to the head.

7. The Emotional Alone Isn’t Enough

There’s a real resurgence these days in what you might call ’emotional’ preaching…preachers with a lot of passion, fascinating imagery, word-craft and emotion.

In many ways, that’s amazing.

But just like the intellect alone isn’t enough, emotionalism alone isn’t enough.

To reach and keep the next generation is going to take both the head and the heart.

If you only reach the head, it’s easy to walk away when a new idea comes along.

If you only reach the heart, it’s easy to walk away when the feeling dies.

But if you preach to both the head and heart, the head will carry the heart in the tough seasons and the heart will sometimes carry the head.

Preach intelligently and preach emotionally and you’ll reach the whole person. Which is exactly who God redeemed.

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What Else Is Changing

Anything else you see changing in preaching?

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