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6 Reasons We Need Revival Meetings

6 Reasons Need Revival Meetings

6 Reasons We Need Revival Meetings

Revival Humbles Us

God bless those of you who were at this altar crying to God this week. In my book, people who are at the altar are the ones who are right with God, and the ones who avoid the altar are usually not listening to His voice. If you were perfect then you would already be in heaven. Repentance needs to happen and Revival creates the opportunity for it.

Revival Refreshes Us

The music, seeing lives changed, and being challenged and encouraged are all refreshing. I needed it and tried to apply every sermon I heard immediately. God wants to search us and call out sin and build up righteousness. Revival is refreshing because we can encounter God in a different way.

Revival Makes Us Become Evangelists

If you brought someone to the revival that God saved, you became an evangelist for the Lord! We always see people saved and baptized.

Revival Unifies Us

It’s hard to disagree with someone when you are at an altar praying with them over your own sin. It’s easier to empathize with one different than you when you cry with them at an altar.

Revival Promotes What Is Best About Us

Sometimes in church you can become known for what you are against. Or the worst thing that has happened to you…or just whatever rumor people want to create. But when you have a Revival it tells your community that we are serious about God, fearing Him, knowing Him, being right with Him, and bringing people to Him.

Revival Stretches Us

Bringing people to hear the Gospel stretches all of us. You come out every night, some of you worked all day, came straight from work, home to bed, some went back to work, some had to get up at 4 a.m….it stretched you for God’s glory! I am proud of you for that. It stretches you to listen to a different speaker, one that contrasts me. It stretches you to listen to others for truth. And if God can stretch you with Revival—then what else can He stretch you with?

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