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5 Ideas That Can Strengthen Your Easter … The Most Uncommon One of Our Time

5 Ideas That Can Strengthen the Most Uncommon Easter of Our Time

Easter is just around the corner, and it will be like no other in our lifetime. And you’re most likely looking for ways to strengthen your Easter.

None of us could have anticipated or predicted COVID-19, but it did not catch God by surprise. That does not suggest that God set it in motion, but that He is still God, and He is with us.

There have been countless forecasts about how severe or how long it will go. Those who focus on health seem to talk about severity, and those who focus on the economy seem to talk about duration. Both elements are essential.

It’s impossible for projections to be fully accurate, but I’m grateful for expert forecasts because we need them. It helps us all know how to prepare, prioritize, and respond.

Every day we learn more, and that is good.

Ultimately, however, we don’t have the answers, and we don’t know the outcomes. That is, in large part, what is behind the growing sense of unease, concerns, worry, anxiety, and in many cases, fear.

Though we would never have desired it this way, there could not be a better time to present the hope of Christ.

Before we look at 5 ideas that can strengthen your Easter, we know there is an untold number of personal and individual fears right now, but three have risen to the top.

The top three “macro” fears are:

1) Health

Let’s be honest; everyone has wondered for at least a moment, “Will I get it?” That’s not fear, that’s being aware and human.

Many are considering big questions like the length of life and eternity. Dwelling on that can produce worry or fear if they are unsure of their destiny.

Even if your concern is not for yourself but someone in your family or a friend, the thought is present in us all.

2) Finance

Our physical security on this planet is connected to money. We can be honest about that.

Money is not the source of inner peace, happiness, or the most important things, but remove it, and life becomes difficult.

Many have already been impacted and are worried or fearful about how they will pay their bills.

But where does our real security come from?

3) Future

What does the future hold? What does it look like?

Even though we were never in control of the future, there was a certain level of comfort in thinking we were. That’s normal and natural. But we have been reminded that even if we are in charge, we are not in control.

Leaders, in particular, are thinking about the future. What will the church look like “after…”

The Gospel encompasses all three concerns.

I’m not suggesting that you should focus entirely on these concerns, not at all.

But to omit or overlook them is to miss current reality.

And remember, the Gospel is good news!

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Dr. Dan Reiland serves as Executive Pastor at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He previously partnered with John Maxwell for 20 years, first as Executive Pastor at Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, then as Vice President of Leadership and Church Development at INJOY. He and Dr. Maxwell still enjoy partnering on a number of church related projects together.