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5 Reasons People Aren’t Inviting Friends to Your Church

invited to church

Do you know why people aren’t getting invited to church?

People visit your church prompted by a variety of reasons such as:

  1. A positive message on social media.
  2. There’s a crisis in their family.
  3. The Holy Spirit stirred them to attend.
  4. A mailer to their home.
  5. The reputation of your pastor’s messages.
  6. They want a Christian influence for their kids.

Invited to Church

But for at least the last 50 years, there is still nothing that beats

7. Invited by a friend.

Because that is true, it’s vitally important to pay attention to the reasons people do and don’t invite their friends to your church.

People do invite their friends for some more obvious, visible and known reasons that are positive about your church. For example, a strong student ministry or great preaching.

Your raving fans talk about what they like, so these reasons are easier to know and continue to cultivate.

Here are two intriguing thoughts:

  • Typically, only a small number of people are highly verbal about what they don’t like, and the irony is they usually stay at your church.
  • The people who are loyal, but not fully happy with your church (hopefully that’s not a lot of people), keep it to themselves. They stay for now because they are loyal, but are at high risk to quietly leave.

The unique angle in this post focuses on those loyal people who come to church and stay there. They may stay for many reasons from close friends and ministry relationships, to their kids love it. They stay at your church, but no longer invite their friends.

These five reasons why people aren’t getting invited to church will offer you insights that can serve as a catalyst for a turning point in your ministry. This turning point can help inspire your congregation to begin to invite their friends.

The primary principle is this:

People invite their friends because they love their church, they’re proud of it and they have experienced spiritual life change.

The following are five of the most common reasons that are not easy to see but prevent people from inviting their friends to come to church.

5 Reasons: Are any true of your church?

1) They are not proud of your worship service.

Your worship service is good but not great. The people love your leadership, and they care about the church, so the worship service is “good enough” for them, but not good enough to invite their friends. This is a common situation.