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7 More Evidences We Might Be Stuck in the Christian Bubble

7 More Evidences We Might Be Stuck in the Christian Bubble

I’ve previously written about believers being stuck in the Christian bubble, and I think I try hard not to get caught there. Here are some of those posts:

7 Evidences We Might be Stuck in the Christian Bubble

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This week, though, in the midst of the racial crisis we’ve seen, I’ve thought even more about how insulated I can be.  Here are some additional evidences we might be caught in the bubble:

  1. We don’t really know the ethnic make-up of our ministry area. We might make guesses, but they’re not educated ones. We haven’t been burdened enough yet to find out that specific information.
  2. We don’t think much about how others experience life differently than we do. When it never even occurs to us that others face things we don’t face, we’re too insulated. Incarnational ministry means living among and learning from folks unlike us.
  3. We don’t push our churches to reach people outside our own ethnic group. Our demographic studies may show they’re in our community, but they’re not in our churches – and we’re somehow comfortable with that situation.
  4. We don’t know the status of other world faiths in our community. We don’t know how large the populations are. We don’t really know what they believe. We look past them to hang out with people who already believe what we believe.
  5. We work harder to avoid the influence of the world than we do to be an influence in the world. We protect ourselves more than we proclaim the gospel, seclude ourselves more than we shine the light, and hide from danger more than we hunger for righteousness.
  6. We tend to criticize those who push outside the bubble for being worldly and compromising. I fully understand we must make wise decisions and guard our witness, but believers who engage culture are often prayerfully taking risks of faith that others won’t take.
  7. We’ll give dollars to reach people we won’t otherwise give time and attention. It’s easier to give money, and it’s a lot harder to get outside our comfort zone to meet and know others. Sacrifice that costs us little discomfort, however, is not much sacrifice at all.

What are your thoughts? Are you in the bubble? If so, check out this post: 13 Ways to Get Outside the Christian Bubble.

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