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8 Characteristics of the Best Church Leaders I’ve Seen During the COVID Crisis

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I watch leaders. I do that because I want to be a good leader, and one of the best ways to learn to lead is to learn from others. In fact, I’ve written a lot about characteristics of the best leaders I know. Here are some of the characteristics I’ve seen in strong leaders during the COVID crisis:

  1. They’ve not gotten overly frustrated with the fluidity of the situation. Even as things continue to open up, it seems like everything’s still changing. The best leaders I’ve seen have learned to roll with the changes while still staying focused on the task at hand.
  2. They’ve seen opportunities with eyes of faith. That is, they continually watch to see where God is working through this situation. They trust that He is, and they don’t often miss it. Christian hope marks their lives.
  3. They’ve sought the help and expertise of others to make adjustments. Rather than try to do everything themselves, they’ve quickly turned to others who are more equipped than they are in some areas – particularly, media, IT, and medical folks.
  4. They’ve led from their knees. For some, frankly, COVID has forced them to spend more time in prayer. Nevertheless, the best leaders I’ve seen have intentionally built prayer into every decision the church makes. Crisis has led to intercession.
  5. They’ve prayerfully sought the Lord’s guidance and strength in making hard decisions. Some have now led their churches to re-gather, but others have not. Regardless of their decisions, though, the best leaders I’ve seen have sought God, trusted His guidance, and made decisions they believed they needed to make.
  6. They’ve simply worked hard. That’s not to say that they didn’t work hard prior to this crisis; it’s only to say they’ve put in many, many hours during the past few months. They’ve done whatever it’s taken to get the job done well.
  7. They’ve been personally invested in shepherding their congregations. They’ve led the way. They’ve made phone calls to check on people. They’ve been there to distribute food to the hungry in their community. They’ve modeled servanthood, perhaps more than they had ever done so before.
  8. They’ve experienced a renewed sense of appreciation and love for their congregations. They’ve watched their church respond with compassion and care toward the needy, and they’ve seen their willingness to adjust as needed. I know some pastors who were considering leaving their church who’ve now renewed their commitment to them.

What other characteristics have you seen in the best leaders in this crisis?

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