Where in the world did we ever get the idea that God wants us to play it safe?

Seriously…we say we’re followers of Jesus…and His journey took Him to the “place of the skull,” yet too many church leaders are seeking to follow Him to the “place of the mattress.”

He did say that if we want to follow Him we need to take up our cross (translation…it will not be easy OR safe.)

Yet…it is in those times of overwhelming trials and unbelievable faith that we actually see Him clearer than we’ve ever seen Him before.

Take the Apostle Paul for an example…a man I would say that all church leaders admire and respect.  I was reading through the book of II Corinthians the other day and II Corinthians 11:26 captured my attention…go ahead, click on the verse, read it and then count the number of times Paul uses the word “danger!”

(I counted eight…IN ONE VERSE!)

Following Jesus is not safe…it’s dangerous!

BUT people who are willing to embrace the dangerous get to experience the Divine in a way that people who cling to safety do not!

People who play it safe NEVER make an impact!

May we live dangerous lives…

May we lead dangerous churches…

And, in the end, may HE get all the glory!