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11 Questions We Should Ask About Our Marriage!

#1 – When was the last time we had a long talk together without any interruptions?  (Like going for a walk without the cell phone…or sitting on the couch with the TV off and actually communicating with each other.)

#2 – When was the last time we took a vacation without the kids and just focused on one another?  (I know it’s hard to leave them…but you do understand that THEY are going to leave you one day…and when that happens you don’t want to be left living with a stranger!)

#3 – When we argue is it my goal to win the argument or actually solve the problem?

#4 – Am I so obsessed with their faults that I cannot see my own?

#5 – Are we ignoring an issue, hoping it will go away rather than dealing with it?

#6 – (For the men) – Am I spending more time thinking about other women than I am my spouse?

#7 – (For the ladies) – Am I spending more time communicating with men who are NOT my husband via facebook than I am spending communicating face to face with him?

#8 – Has time at work become more of an obsession that time at home?

#9 – How much do we actually pray for each other and the condition of our marriage?

#10 – Does the way that I speak about my spouse to others when they are not around make others think more highly of them…OR more lowly of them?

#11 – Am I willing to do whatever it takes to make this marriage work?

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