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You've Got One Thing on Them

If you’re feeling vastly inferior to those who are “successful” in your field and your indignity has only been expounded by the gatekeepers who keep you away from them… and oh yes, such gates exist… those greenrooms and boardrooms and executive assistants who screen your calls and dismiss your requests…

Let me give you some encouragement.

They’ve reached their pinnacle.

They’ve stopped attempting the impossible because discomfort has become intolerable for them.

They’ve stopped trying to breach the gatekeepers of others because they have their own now… and can’t imagine being on the other side again.

So rest assured, you’ve got one thing on them…

You’re still moving.

They’re resting on their laurels. Their shopping cart has made it to the top of the hill and is now coasting down. They’re studs, yes… but they’re studs. They’ve put themselves out to pasture. They’ve gone as far as they’re ever going to go.

They’ve given up revolutionary dreaming for incremental growth. They’ve traded in “attempting” for what they can accomplish with existing resources, large though they may be.

They’re having lunch with the same successful friends and not giving heed to the next generation of world changers. They’re not taking chances. They’ve stopped reaching up and reaching out. They’ve become “laggers” by the effects of success.

So don’t lose heart.

Keep moving.

You’ve got this one thing on them.