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23 Quotes That Pastors And Church Leaders Need To Hear From The World’s Most Creative People Part 2

Yesterday I wrote 20 Quotes That Pastors And Church Leaders Need To Hear From The World’s Most Creative People Part 1.  To read those quotes from Fast Company magazine’s Top 100 Most Creative People In Business click here.  The following are additional insights for you to think about incorporating into your ministry plans:

  1. Relevancy – “I’ve submerged myself in news of the revolutions sweeping North Africa and the Middle East, I wanted desperately to feel part of what was going on.” – The Onion’s Baratunde Thurston
  2. Improving Human Life – “Gender, fish, and church.” – Criterion Ventures’s Joy Anderson who is currently working on reducing sex trafficking in Texas, building a sustainable fishery in Indonesia, and creating a charter school in Los Angeles.
  3. Proximity – “Do what is within your reach, to your capacity; that is the responsibility of each of us.” – Chief Almir of the Surui Amazon tribe.
  4. Energy and Growth – “I try to identify the seeds of what’s important, nurture their growth to adapt their form, and release when it’s time to fly.  It’s an evolution that absorbs and shapes the energy of others.  The end result may never be perfect, but it’s always a beautiful journey.” – Levi’s Christian Parkes
  5. How Inspiration Happens – “If we’re inspired, our customers will be inspired.” – Leifsdottir’s Johanna Uurasjarvi
  6. Illustrations – “Visual language is one of your best friends.  Giving an idea shape and a visual representation makes it come to fruition.” – BrightSpot I.D.’s Sunni Brown
  7. Perspective – “Being a mom to Nate and Sophie, and seeing the world through their eyes has given me a fresh perspective.” – Tiny Prints’s Laura Ching
  8. Creative Process – “It’s important to keep an open mind when you’re looking for new ideas and a source of inspiration.” – Alcatel-Lucent’s Gabriel Charlet
  9. Accountability – “Three years after a horrific financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail.  And that’s wrong.” – Political scientist and filmmaker Charles Ferguson
  10. Additional Opportunities – “It has made my job exponentially more rewarding.” – Lionsgate’s Tim Palen who heads marketing but also photographs their movie posters.
  11. Commitment To Calling – “People always told me photos have been done.  My feeling was these people were wrong.” – Instagram’s Kevin Systom
  12. Next Level – “I take its philosophy and then push that aesthetic forward.” – Saab’s design director Jason Castriota
  13. Staff Diversity – “Stephanie Dabney was the first black ballerina I saw on stage.” – The Harlem School of the Arts’s Yvette Campbell
  14. Sustainable Creativity – “It all comes from having an open mind about art, design, and sustainability.” – Osklen’s Oskar Metsavaht
  15. Practical Application – “We want to provide features that people can use to actually understand their money.” – InDinero’s Jessica Mah
  16. Transparency – “It’s like any relationship.  You have to be honest.” -PepsiCo’s B. Bonin Bough
  17. Morale Is In Accomplishment – “Work is at the core of human dignity.” – Samasource’s Leila Chirayath Janah
  18. Missions – “When you go to more extreme places, you’re more likely to see things that exist elsewhere, but aren’t quite as visible.” – Frog Design’s Jan Chipcase
  19. Create A Safe Place For Ideas – “I’m known as the guy with the crazy ideas.” – CNN’s David Bohrman
  20. Transferrable Skills – “They were trained to use rifles and coordinate air strikes, not operate businesses but we tap into the leadership skills they’ve obtained in the military.” – Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training’s Colin Archipley
  21. “Reinvent, reignite, reimagine.  That’s our new motto.” – Hasbro’s Jane Ritson-Parsons
  22. Utilize Technology – “The printing press was revolutionary to the Bible.  Today everyone has a printing press.” – YouVersion’s Bobby Gruenewald
  23. Multi-Generations – “We didn’t want a 50-year-old white guy telling us what we’re interested in.” – PoverUp’s Charlie Javice

I hope you’ve enjoyed these two posts.  Tell us how you plan to incorporate these thoughts into your ministry plans.

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Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See www.briandoddonleadership.com for additional insights.