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We Cannot Help Speaking

I updated my Twitter profile a couple of days ago. In addition to “Pastor of Elevation Church. Author of Sun Stand Still,” I added:
WARNING: Acts 4:20.

Of course I’m referring to Peter and John’s response to the demand of the Jewish leaders for them to stop preaching the gospel:
We cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.

I love that. They had seen God do things so amazing, it would be a crime not say to something about it. It makes me feel OK when I tweet 100s of times after 1000s of people get baptized. Or when I call an hour-long staff meeting just to celebrate after we’ve seen God come through for us in a special way.

I’ve made up my mind to always err on the side of going overboard in giving public praise for what God is doing in the lives of the people at Elevation. And in my own life, too. For three main reasons.

First, He’s simply worthy of it.

Second, as I’ve said before, what you fail to honor will eventually leave your life. If I fail to celebrate what God did yesterday, how can I expect Him to bless me tomorrow?

And third, when we celebrate life change publicly, it will become the goal of more people personally. When we promote transformation and steps of faith as the norm, they will actually become the norm.

Never be ashamed to boldly and publically celebrate the great things God is doing around you. It’s good to go overboard when God blesses you in an overboard way.