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12 Awkward Moments in Leadership and Life

Have you ever had an awkward moment in leadership? I’ve had plenty. In fact, I’ve done all of these on this list.

Here are a dozen awkward moments in leadership:

1. Selfishly holding out for your way only to be proven wrong

2. Tweeting publicly what was supposed to be a private direct message

3. Sticking your neck out for someone and they betray you behind your back

4. Doing an introduction and mispronouncing the name

5. Beginning a presentation before you realize you’re unzipped

6. Speaking before you think and sticking your foot in your mouth

7. Calling someone by the wrong name

8. Replying to an e-mail with confidential information rather than forwarding it

9. Not realizing the microphone is on 

10. Placing the wrong month on the calendar and missing an important appointment

11. Mistakenly walking into the wrong bathroom minutes before you stand up to speak

12. Getting frustrated with the driver of a car you didn’t know was driving to meet with you

Which of these have you done?

What’s the most awkward moment you’ve had in leadership or have heard of another leading having?