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7 Deadly Sins of Easter Outreach

Easter is around the corner!

This is the #1 day of the year to reach people in your community.

I know lots of churches are going to be trying different outreach means to see their community attend their Easter services…

So I thought I’d share the 7 deadly sins of Easter outreach.

1. Pride

Don’t simply expect people to show up to your church on Easter. Humble yourself enough to use every means available to invite them.

Too often, there’s an “if they want to show up, they know where we are” attitude that keeps churches empty and keeps people far from God. People aren’t “doing us a favor” by attending our services.

These are the people God has called to us to serve. Our attitude should be one of humility that is seeking to reach people far from God by any godly means.

2. Lust

Don’t simply desire to make people just another “butt in the seat.” These are people with hurts, hang-ups, problems, and addictions.

Love them by sharing an Easter message that connects with them. That means we need to seriously think through our Easter message and specifically the application we’re going to give to those who attend.

One of the most important elements of our Easter message is connecting their current pain with the hope of the Gospel.