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The Most Radical Way to Find Great Staff

We are truly blessed to have some of the greatest team players in the Kingdom assembled at Cornerstone!

One of the questions I get asked most by other pastors and leaders…

“How do you find such great staff?”

Most are surprised to hear the answer…”I don’t pay them.”

Well, that answer really needs clarification. Many of our staff came to work for free.

We have developed a culture where we greatly value hearing the voice of God in the decisions we make. We don’t want to make choices based just on wisdom, but rather the heart and voice of God.

This certainly holds true when it’s time to adding someone to our team. Most of the time, we pray God “sends us” the person He wants us to have. Most of the time, the “sent one” shows up!

They generally come saying they know God has called them to be a part of our team. If the team and I concur, I ask them the BIG Question…

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