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How Pastors Can Avoid the Sin of Pride

Greed—Greed hoards the time, money or possessions we have been entrusted with in life. Greed exists because of pride. Why do people not honor God with the first tenth of all God has given them? Greed comes from pride. Humility is demonstrated through obedience to God’s Word to giving; and when done, it removes the wall of greed. We can pray and fast for revival all day long, but we must stop the robbing from God that goes on weekly by the people of God. Humility removes the wall of greed.

Unforgiveness—Unforgiveness is prevalent in the lives of most Christians and in most churches. It occurs because of pride. I believe unforgiveness is the major obstacle to revival in today’s church. Pride is so powerful that unforgiveness has become the norm in most Christ followers and churches. This pride has built such a calloused heart in us that we are no longer bothered by having an unforgiving spirit toward others. Pride is powerful. It has destroyed men and women, families, businesses, churches and governments. Most of all, it has grieved the Holy Spirit in the lives of many of us. Has it done that in you? Humility will lead us to the forgiveness of others.

The Power of Humility

Humility crushes the wall of pride in our lives. There is nothing more deadly than pride, and the only cure is humility and brokenness. As pastors, we must do whatever it takes to see pride rooted out of our life and leadership. Quite honestly, the only thing that will remove the spirit of pride in us is to humble ourselves through fasting and prayer. When we humble ourselves before God with prayer and fasting, God will provide major spiritual breakthroughs. We will see breakthroughs regarding our pride, our greed and even our unforgiveness. God’s gateway to spiritual breakthrough is prayer and fasting.

The next great awakening will be determined by the people of God who will get down on their knees, pray, fast and believe that God is bigger than their circumstances, bigger than any election, bigger than any political party and much bigger than we are. While we are in a dark midnight crisis spiritually in our nation, through prayer and fasting spiritual breakthroughs await us.