David Platt: You Didn’t Wear Crosses Around You Neck in the First Century

David Platt has a powerful message about the cross of Jesus Christ.

He asks the question: “Do you feel the horror of suffering on the cross?”

“You didn’t hang crosses around your neck or in your house in the first century.”

The cross seems like foolishness to many, but Platt explains why the cross is our only hope. We see power in the cross of Christ because of the mercy of God working in our lives.

Watch and share this powerful video.

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Andrew Hess
Andrew Hess is the director of content at the White Horse Inn and editor of corechristianity.com. He formerly served as the editor of churchleaders.com. His writing has been featured on The Gospel Coalition and Focus on the Family. He lives in San Diego with his wife Jen and they recently welcomed their first child. Connect with Andrew on Twitter @AndrewWHess.