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Making Disciples “Works Like Real Life”

Making Disciples

Is discipleship a lost art or an ignored command? Discipleship as an art brings with it the idea that influencing others toward the character of Jesus is about competence and expertise. Discipleship as a command brings with it the idea of action and authority. The reality is that discipleship has facets of being an art but only by repeatedly heeding the command to do it. In the following video the spoken artist Propaganda addresses the importance of discipling others as an essential calling upon all Christians. Don’t be intimidated by that thought because his counsel to the church is actually very simple.

Christians disciple others because Jesus tells them to but there obviously more to it. Most Christians would agree on the command to do discipleship but there is always a lurking question. How do we do it? Propaganda suggests that we first find someone who is doing discipleship and model what they do. He cites instances of his childhood such as local skateboarders and his own family as examples of how behavior is learned within a context of relationship. Members of a family do not audition in order to become part of that family. They already are members and the leadership of that family in word and deed model what it looks like to be a part of that family. Who is someone who modeled Christ for you in a powerful way? Who in your life is getting the direct overflow of your relationship with Jesus?