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7 Proven Strategies To Launch More Small Groups

Churches CAN launch more small groups fast enough to keep up with the demand for discipleship, if they change up how they are launching more small groups. Here are 7 things I’ve discovered over the last 15 years in working with over 1,500 churches across North America.
church small groups

Transformative Growth in Church Small Groups: The Power of Relational Mirroring

Church small groups offer a unique and fertile ground for the cultivation of safe, intimate relationships, serving as an ideal context for the practice of relational mirroring.
service projects for youth groups

Service Projects for Youth Groups: 17 Outreach Options for Teens

Service projects for youth groups offer amazing benefits. Check out these 17 ideas for youth service projects.
15 Christmas Ideas for Your Small Group

15 Christmas Ideas for Small Groups

If you’re one of the groups that’s meeting throughout the month of December, you may be wondering what you can do for Christmas ideas for small groups that’s a little outside of the norm.

10 Reasons Why a Small Church Tends To Stay Small

Want your church to reach people? Avoid these pitfalls.
Spiritual Warfare and Small Groups

Spiritual Warfare and Small Groups

Spiritual Warfare and Small Groups: church leaders — including small group leaders — are on the front lines of the battle, where the smell of smoke, sweat, and blood always hangs in the air.
small churches

10 Reasons Why Small Churches Stay Small (Part 1)

First, an explanation or two, then a definition. Then, finally, 10 reasons small churches stay small. You'll get expert insights to grow your small church.
New to Small Group Pastoring? 4 Essentials

4 Essentials for a Small Group Pastor

What are the not-to-miss small group pastor essentials? Here are 4 key insights for rookies from a veteran small group point person
minute to win it games

Minute to Win It Games: 12 Resources for Fast-Paced Activities

Check out all these minute to win it games! Use and adapt them in your children’s ministry classes or programs.
3 Essentials to Building Gospel Community in Small Groups

3 Essentials to Building Gospel Community in Small Groups

Gospel Community is a Christian buzzword, usually referring to a group of Christ followers that care for one another, but the scriptures expand on this definition to cast a vision for community that can truly change the world.
great christmas gift ideas

5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Small Group Leaders

Mike Mack provides some great Christmas gift ideas for your coaches and small group leaders this holiday season.
Thanksgiving Bible lessons

Thanksgiving Bible Lessons: 12 Great Grateful Resources

Thanksgiving Bible lessons teach children gratitude for God’s blessings. These 12 resources work well in Sunday school, for children’s church, and as at-home family devotions.
40 icebreakers for small groups

Free eBook: 40 Icebreakers for Small Groups

These small group icebreakers are broken into two different sections: Getting to know you activities and group builders.
small group evaluation form

CHECKLIST: A 10-Point Small Group Evaluation Form

Getting ready for the next leg in your small group ministry adventure?  Maybe it’s time you took your ministry through my signature 10 point small group evaluation form.

PBS Docs Depict Frederick Douglass’ and Harriet Tubman’s Paths of Freedom, Faith

The two abolitionists are subjects of a twin set of documentaries, “Becoming Frederick Douglass” and “Harriet Tubman: Visions of Freedom,” released by PBS this month.
Small Group Leader Growth: 6 Keys

6 Keys to Small Group Leader Growth

Small group leader growth is essential to healthy small group ministry. Here are six ways to make sure you are getting better as a leader, so then everybody wins.
church youth groups

Church Youth Groups: 6 Types of Small Groups for Student Ministry

Church youth groups increasingly rely on small groups to conduct ministry to teens. Here's a breakdown of 6 common types of small groups in teen ministry.
Grace Covenant Church

For a Small Chicago Church, Closing Down Was an Act of Faith

There is no way to resurrection without experiencing death, the Rev. Amanda Olson told her congregation on Sunday. Her church, Grace Covenant Church in Chicago, closed this week.
seeker small groups

An Invitation to Belong: Seeker Small Groups

1,000 people attended seeker small groups led by Southeast Christian Church and a dozen other Louisville-area churches. About 75 percent of the participants were unbelievers.
small group on mission

Rick Warren: How to Grow A Small Group On Mission

Small groups often focus on fellowship or discipleship—but don't forget about evangelism or being a small group on mission.

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Daniel Im joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain how pastors can lead more effectively in a “post-everything” world and why their communities contain more than just the non-Christians and the Christians.