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Small Groups 2.0 – The Discovery Group Format

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A new way of doing small groups is sweeping around the world. Instead of focusing on learning and talking about the Bible—as we have so often done in the past—the Discovery Group format focuses on listening to and immediately obeying the Bible. The change is subtle but powerful and brings wonderful results. The simple Discovery format is accelerating evangelism, leadership multiplication, and church planting across the globe.

I have been experimenting with the Discovery Group methods for most of a year and want to let you know of a few tweaks I have made. You might call it Discovery Group 2.0. Let me explain…

The Standard Format

The standard format that I was taught goes like this:

Opening Questions

  • What are you thankful for this week? (This question helps teach seekers or those new to Christ how to worship and pray.)
  • What challenges are you facing? Is there some way our group can help? (This guides people into caring community.)

Accountability Questions

  • With whom did you share last week’s learnings?
  • How did it go with your “I will’s”? (An “I will” is a person’s statement of how they will obey a Bible passage.)

Bible Discovery Questions

  • What does it say? (Read the passage several times, perhaps in different translations.)
  • How would I say that? (Each person tries to retell the passage or Bible story in their own words.)
  • What must I do to obey what I have learned? “I will…” (Each person crafts a statement or two to tell how they will obey the passage this week.)

Optional Questions to Use if You Have Time

  • What does the passage say about humanity?
  • What does it say about God?

Outreach Question

  • With whom will you share what you learned this week?


See page two for the Discovery Group Format . . .