Jesus on Coaching With Questions

Jesus on Coaching with Questions

Jesus on Coaching With Questions

Coaching is a powerful tool that helps leaders grow personally and professionally. Whereas mentoring is more about “pouring in” to a person, coaching is about “drawing out” what’s hidden deep inside of them. Coaches understand that the greatest skill in their coaching arsenal is question-asking. If they ask the right questions, they can help a client surface the solutions to some of their toughest issues. Small group leaders are called to follow Jesus on coaching, especially through questions.

Apparently Jesus understood this better than anyone. Author Ravi Zacharias observes that nine times out of 10, when Jesus is asked a question, He responds with a question. And author John Dear observes that in the Gospels, there are over 300 questions recorded by Jesus…307 to be exact. “Jesus coaching” leverages the power of questions-asking.

So if you want to excel as a coach, stop just handing out answers to everyone’s questions. Starting asking questions that force people to think, reflect and respond. The solutions people own the most are the ones they come up with. Your questions can help them come up with the best solutions to their biggest challenges.

Question: What are the best coaching questions you can ask?

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