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The Body of Christ and the Temptation of a Crowd

And he did. It seemed like he got all the amens. And, of course, “Charity begins at home” was the only “Scriptural” refrain that gained traction that Sunday. No one even tried to look the phrase up in their own Bible

…But his papa’s efforts weren’t enough. Not even close.

How could they be, when Marcus E. Robinson had the colossal power of a cultural jingle and the immovable mass of the status quo parked squarely on his side? It was an invincible combination. And at the end of the day, the majority ruled that the body of Christ should continue to be nothing more than a respectable Sunday morning service. 

So, the nays got their way, and those whose imaginations were captivated by Dr. Lewis’ selfless dream slowly drifted away. 

One by one.

(“Once You See,” pages 5-6)

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